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One of the key missions of Little Things Memorials is community giveback. Our goal is to help as many animals in need as possible and we're excited to partner with PAWS, a nonprofit dedicated to providing lifesaving care to cats, dogs and wild animals.

$10 of each artwork purchased will go to support the PAWS mission

Each year, PAWS helps thousands of cats, dogs and wild animals go home and thrive – whether home is the family room or the forest. They do this by rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife, sheltering and adopting homeless cats and dogs, and educating the community to inspire compassionate action for animals.

Local work, national impact

We selected PAWS because they directly help the people and animals in the Greater Seattle community where we're located. But they were also selected because their impact on animals is national – sometimes international. PAWS takes in cats and dogs from natural disasters and overwhelmed shelters in other parts of the country and gives them a second chance at life. PAWS Wildlife experts are involved in research of significance to entire species, including endangered species. That’s something we knew all of our animal-loving customers would appreciate.